Bio & Credits

The professional experiences as a musician lead him to cross many different genres and styles: pop, rock, blues and jazz… Over the years he performs in hundreds of concerts in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Slovenia, in the most varied venues, clubs, theaters, festivals.
He continues to work in live performances as a free-lance musician and continuosly with some artists. He regularly participates in studio recording sessions both as a musician and as an arranger and producer for hire.

Since 2006 he has been working as a teacher of electric bass and guitar, developing individual and group lessons, master classes and workshops, in some cases also covering the role of school headmaster or coordinator.

Main collaborations in live performances

1990-1999Diffusi Rock ITHard RockEl. Bass
1999-2000I Quarti Di Bue ITRock-BluesEl. Bass
1999-2000Blues Bar(K) ITBluesEl. Bass
1999-2000Graziano Romani ITRock-BluesEl. Bass
2005-2009Dobro Country Rock Band ITCountry-RockEl. Bass
2006-2007Music Trend Cover Band ITPop-RockEl. Bass
2006-2013Gold Rush Trio/Q.tet ITRock-BluesEl. Bass / Guitar
2007-2012Blues Breakout (ITITBluesEl. Bass
2008Country RideITNew CountryEl. Bass
2009-2010Punti Di Vista Cover BandITPop-RockEl. Bass
2011-2013Rock Fever /  Codice RossoITPop-RockEl. Bass
20132015AR3 – Alex Ricci TrioITCountry-Rock  R&REl. Bass
20132016Francesco di VicinoITFolk-RockEl. Bass
2013-2015British InvasionIT60s Pop-RockEl. Bass and Direction
2014-2018Nicoletta Zuccheri Q.tetITBluesEl. Bass
2014-2017Dobro Country Rock BandITCountry-RockEl. Bass
2015Spettacolo Teatrale RONZIO con Tita RuggeriITTheater PlayEl. Bass, composition and music direction
2016-2017Tom Kirkpatrick Q.tetUSAJazzEl. Bass
2016-2017Fantoni-Pizzi-Delfino TrioITJazzEl. Bass
Big Cowboy
El. Bass / Guitar
Natan Rondelli
El. Bass
Cris Mantello
El. Bass / Guitar

Discography and recording credits

Dobro Country Rock Band – Drinks &Strings (Dobro Records, Album 2005) Electric bass.

Gold RushFor What It’s Worth (LIVE) (Album 2010) Electric bass, studio engineering and production.

Pietro Sorano Amami Così…Senza Amore (Pirames International, Album 2010) Electric bass.

Angelica Dettori – Il Ronzio E’ Vita Lasciamolo Volare (Bee Life, Ep 2014) Electric bass, composition, arrangements and production.

Boom Boom Vibration – One Way (Single 2016) Electric bass and production.

Kubla – Mena Mena Mini (Single 2017) Electric bass, composition, studio engineering and production.

Dobro Country Rock Band – Dobro & Friends (Dobro Records, Album 2017) Electric bass.

Andrea Cesone Trio – The Country Side Of Rock & Roll (Canto Libero Edizioni, Album 2018) Electric bass, studio engineering and production.

Tim Bradley – Back In A Time (Go Country Records, Album 2018) Electric bass, studio engineering and production.

New Contemporary Classic – Vintage Playground (Lost Words Records, Album 2019) Electric bass and guitar.

Big Cowboy – The Hidden Room (Go Country Records, Album 2019) El. bass and acoustic guitars. Arrangements, studio engineering and production.

Natan Rondelli – Fire (Big Tree Music, Single 2021) Electric bass

Natan Rondelli – Aura (Big Tree Music, Single 2021) Electric bass

Big Cowboy – Bright Places (Go Country Records, Album 2021) El. bass and acoustic guitars. Arrangements, studio engineering and production.

…now (oct-2021) in the studio with Valentina Mazzaretto

Labels credits

Lost Words Records

Go Country Records

Big Tree Music

Teaching Credits

2008-2010 Bass and guitar teacher at Argile Art Academy (Castello D’Argile-BO)

2010-2012 Bass, guitar teacher and school headmaster at Il Valore Del Tempo (Bologna)

2013-2016 Bass, guitar teacher and school headmaster at Area musica Bologna-Centro di Formazione Musicale (Bologna)

2010-2020 Bass, guitar teacher and ensemble director at Associazione Madamadorè (Calderino-BO)

2012-today Bass and guitar teacher at Scuola Intercomunale Di Musica G. Fiorini (Bazzano-Valsamoggia-BO)

2008-today Bass and guitar teacher in private lessons

2019-today Bass and guitar teacher at Comacchio Music Lab (Comacchio-FE)